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Men Leather Band Watches

men leather band watches

  • A piece of leather as a polishing cloth

  • whip with a leather strap

  • A material made from the skin of an animal by tanning or a similar process

  • A thing made of leather, in particular

  • an animal skin made smooth and flexible by removing the hair and then tanning

  • Leather is a durable and flexible material created via the tanning of putrescible animal rawhide and skin, primarily cattlehide. It can be produced through different manufacturing processes, ranging from cottage industry to heavy industry.

  • Look at or observe attentively, typically over a period of time

  • Keep under careful or protective observation

  • Secretly follow or spy on

  • Traditionally, a 24-hour day is divided into seven watches. These are: midnight to 4 a.m. [0000-0400], the mid-watch; 4 to 8 a.m. [0400-0800], morning watch; 8 a.m. to noon [0800-1200], forenoon watch; noon to 4 p.m. [1200-1600], afternoon watch; 4 to 6 p.m.

  • A watch is a timepiece that is made to be worn on a person. It is usually a wristwatch, worn on the wrist with a strap or bracelet. In addition to the time, modern watches often display the day, date, month and year, and electronic watches may have many other functions.

  • Issued when the risk of hazardous weather is significant.

  • bind or tie together, as with a band

  • set: an unofficial association of people or groups; "the smart set goes there"; "they were an angry lot"

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  • instrumentalists not including string players

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  • (a'man) the Israeli military intelligence which produces comprehensive national intelligence briefings for the prime minister and the cabinet

  • work force: the force of workers available

spies in the bazaar

spies in the bazaar

A brief, allegorical history of ad/spyware. I'm working on the non-allegorical version for Release 1.0.

Imagine this. You’re in a bazaar. As you enter each shop, the merchants look you over, watch what you’re looking at, and rush up to present you with their best offers. “You like the red scarf, madame? Imagine it with this lovely black leather jacket.” As you walk out, you see him taking notes, the better to greet you next time. When you return, he has a new selection ready. Pretty soon, you realize that he has been talking to the shoe merchant down the street. When you enter that store, the shoe salesman is ready with shoes to match the jacket. As you leave, you are accosted by a street urchin: “Cheap shoes, lady! The store pays rent and has to charge you more. I can give you a better deal!” You brush him off but he persists. “For free, lady! Just let me follow you as you shop, and I can keep giving you better offers.”

You acquiesce. What could be the harm in this? And the shoes are, well, they’re okay…and they’re free. The urchin follows you around, watching as you browse through the twisted streets and cramped boutiques. It makes you uneasy to have this kid watching you all the time, but never mind. When you complain, he offers to sing to you…and the music is quite pleasant. As you shop at one shoe store, the urchin shows you shoes from another merchant, who has paid him to do so. He tries to be unobtrusive; whenever they see him in public, the merchants shoo him away. One store-owner screams at him: “Go away! This customer belongs to me!” (But many of the merchants, in their back rooms, are making deals with those very same urchins, paying them to lure customers to their stores.)

Now more urchins show up, each with his own special deal. As they compete with one another, their behavior gets worse. The bazaar’s alleys are getting crowded and it’s hard to keep track of all the people swirling around. Some urchins start following you without asking, and you can’t tell one from the other. They foist tacky trinkets on you; others slip in and don’t bother to give you anything at all. Everywhere you go, kids are tugging at your sleeve and jostling the others away, whispering “Meess! Meess! Look here! Special deal!” As the confusion grows, pickpockets reach into your wallet, stealing money and credit cards. The urchins start stealing from each other, too. Some of them put false fronts up in front of the real stores, and deceive you into buying from them instead of the merchants who paid the rent; others masquerade as salespeople in the larger stores and steal commissions. Adult criminals enter the scene, organizing the meanest of the urchins into criminal bands working in concert. The merchants who hire urchins to do their dirty work shrug their shoulders and say they try hard to work only with good urchins.

Finally, police and vigilantes show up and start arresting the urchins. Dragging the kids around by the collar, the “authorities” ask: “Arrest them all?” It’s difficult to tell the vigilantes from the police, let alone the thieves/pickpockets from the once-innocent kids who gave you their names and asked your permission to follow you around. It’s a mess… you decide to leave, but the sneakiest of the urchins follow you as you leave the bazaar.

The urchins who were polite enough to get your consent and who didn’t follow you out of the bazaar are indistinguishable from the worst of the thieves and con artists. Some of the urchins vanish into the night to become permanent outlaws. Others promise to reform, but they won’t empty their pockets. They wear ID badges by daylight, but every once in a while you glimpse them in an alleyway, without ID, behaving badly again.

A couple make more credible efforts to go straight. They start wearing ID badges and they want recognition for their efforts, but most people find them hard to trust, let alone forgive. Also, the best of the urchins – call them WhenU and Claria - face new challenges trying to go straight, competing with the regular merchants to win customers’ trust. Can they learn new habits and succeed?

Re-envision the scenario above online, with websites and portals replacing the merchants and adware/spyware companies playing the urchins, and you have a pretty accurate look at the world of adware/spyware and how they are evolving.

Men's Big Time Watch in Black

Men's Big Time Watch in Black

In tune with a relaxed fashion attitude, the Big Time Watch is sporty and casual. The watch is nickel allergy free and made from superior quality PVD coated stainless steel.

* - Genuine leather band
* - Japan quartz movement, scratch resistant mineral crystal, luminous hands, date function and mercury free battery
* - Water resistant up to 100M
* - Roots Collection watches come with a 20 year warranty
* - Case size: 47 mm

This watch hasn't been reviewed yet, be the first today!

men leather band watches

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